June 25, 2009

Another Garden Stroll

Sophie and I went to the Art Center again, just for a stroll. The prairie grasses are beginning to swallow the outdoor sculptures again.

Remember the tulip patch that turned into alliums? Now it's a blend of who knows what.

The pergola is lined with Queen Anne's Lace in purple, pink, beige, and white. Sophie remained unimpressed by the odd sounds triggered as she passed.

She was intrigued by something, however, that remained a mystery.

This flower was one of several growing up a post. Name that bloom.

At the end of the day, Sophie rooted through the trash showed off her training. We worked really hard to teach her to change the toilet paper roll. Good dog!

Update: Monkeydog.


tornwordo said...

Aw, I'm almost ready for a new one and the Universe keeps dropping hints. What a cutie. No clue on the flower, I'd call it the cotton candy flower.

Jeaux said...

Oh, what a talented beast! "Who Knows What" is endemic in Florida too. Quite the range, that stuff has, tolerant of so many climates.

David said...

Aaaahhh!!! I love your dog! So cute.

Ur-spo said...

the name of the flower is Evelyn


The flower is a mandevilla. They also come in white and a new introduction is red that is doing quite well and become very popular here in New Orleans.


Greg said...

Ahh, the mandevilla. I've seen them around here, too, but had no idea.

I hope I may redeem myself by saying in that big group photo, the pink is a hibiscus standard, the orange are canna lilies (I think), the yellow is celosia...and I think I'm also seeing some coleus and assorted sweet potato vines. What a nice spot to walk. And high noon, too, eh?

Sophie is a sweetie, for sure. Pets to her from Greg!

Monica said...

To echo the chorus, Sophie is a cutie pie! I love the pic with her head burried under the flowers. To each their own, eh?!