July 8, 2011

Blogger Confirmation: This is Me...Online

I had the great pleasure of meeting fellow blogger "This Is Me...Online" this past Tuesday. She was up from Arkansas to visit family very briefly and took some precious time from her tight schedule to see me. We met at the downtown mall so that three young teens she had in tow could have something to do while we talked.

We could easily have gone on for hours. "Meo," as I like to call her, and I have a lot in common—except she's sweet. She has stunning blue eyes and an easy smile. We laughed and chatted and wished Rox could have been there with us. (Road trip!) We had barely begun when the time whizzed by and she had to take her crew to the Children's Museum. I give them credit: they were very patient.

Meo is number 17 on my list of Internet friends made personal with face-to-face visits. This is a lot of fun. Who's next?


Rox said...

I so loved the picture she texted me too! I showed Derwood "Look at my Internet Friends! They're real!" LOL!

THIS IS ME....ONLINE said...

Yes, Virginia, your internet friends are real.

Birdie, the pleasure was totally mine. I really enjoyed our visit. Proud to be your number 17. You were my first. (That sounded strange.)

The Children's Museum was great. The 13 year olds had fun without worrying about looking "cool" in front of their school friends. Being out of town does have benefits.

Ur-spo said...

Me me me!

tornwordo said...