March 14, 2012


I saw my ENT yesterday because my throat was sore in spite of not speaking for a couple of weeks. He worked with my radiation doctor to get me into surgery tomorrow (Thursday). The node that is on my vocal cord has more than doubled in size in two weeks, and he's concerned that it will block my airway if it isn't removed soon. The surgery will call for one overnight stay, and I'll be released Friday morning.

I have to admit this news made me upset. I know: it's such a minor thing compared to all that has been going on. But I was prepared—after the initial shock—for the chemo, the surgery, the radiation. I was not prepared for this. I sat in the lobby of the medical building and texted Abe the news when a friend saw me and called out my name as she walked over. She asked how I was and I burst into tears. I literally cried on her shoulder for a minute. She was there exactly when I needed her. She was very sweet and said all the right things. My family and friends have been a huge source of strength for me.

I do feel better now. Sometimes you just have to cry.


Rox said...

There's a song I love called "Dance If You Want To" by Rose Cousins (a Canadian Folk Singer from the East Coast, music available on iTunes!) The lyric says "Cry if you want to, at some point we all do, but at least you know that with each cry you grow, so cry all night." I totally want that song played at my funeral.

Now that I've bummed you out...

I don't know the perfect words to make you feel better, but I can offer you some love and some prayers and some friendship. I will send warm and healing thoughts your way, as always. xoxoxo

Brian R said...

So sorry at this news but glad you had a friend at the right time and always have family nearby for support. Remember you are constantly in thoughts of friends even one way down the bottom of the globe.

Cubby said...

Good luck tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you.

Ur-spo said...

I am very glad she was there.