April 19, 2013

Remember That Whole "Don't Fall" Thing?

Our 30-year-old Maytag dryer was on the blink for the first time ever. I was carrying a basket of damp laundry to the car so we could take it to the laundromat. On the bottom (four-inch-high) step to the garage, my foot rolled over the edge and I went down. The basket caught my fall so I didn't land hard on the concrete, but my ankle took the brunt of it. Abe says I barely missed hitting the car. Hairline fracture (maybe more), bad sprain, boot for at least three weeks. At 59 years of age, I have my very first broken bone.

Honestly, with the boot it's not so bad. Slows me down, but not a lot. I'm driving left-footed, which is an adventure. :D Want a ride?

Proof, I say, that laundry is dangerous and I should not be doing it.


Anonymous said...

Being a Birdie isn't for sissies! :) You're a tough cookie!

Touch wood, I've also never broken anything. Watch, I'll probably break something when I try to do laundry.

Take precious care of yourself.

Brian R said...

Thanks for the advice re laundry :-)
Take care of yourself
Also have never broken a bone except a rib from coughing. And although the doctor did not think it was broken at the time, later x-rays prove otherwise.

Ur-spo said...

no indeed,
better be safe and delegate the ironing to others too.