August 4, 2008

Name That Tune

Our daughter Sheba* came home yesterday from spending the summer with her grandmother in San Diego. She is as gorgeous as ever, having dyed her hair once again back to auburn, her original color. (When she left, her hair was red. Not redhead red, not even clown red. Superhero red. And it actually looked good.)

We chatted into the night and continued this morning when she arose at the crack of 11:00. She couldn’t wait to show me her pictures, so after she downloaded them she called me over.

“That’s me with my friends who came to visit. And that’s me with my boyfriend.” (He flew over for a long weekend.)

“What’s that?”

“Well, that’s my tattoo.”

Oh. Oh my. My daughter’s got ink. To be honest, this wasn’t much of a surprise. She’s been wanting a tattoo for about three years that I’m aware. And—thank you, Lord!—this one is not going to challenge her employability, as some I’ve seen on her friends.

The tattoo is a few measures from a song that she loves, one that was a hit when I was a teenager. No words, just notes on a staff curved over her right hip. The words to this line are:

“Nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be.”

Can you name that tune? And no fair googling.

*If you haven’t already guessed by now, I have changed the names of family and friends to protect their privacy. FWIW, Abe means “father;” Ben means “son;” and Sheba means “daughter.”


Paul said...

Didn't everybody grow up with The Beatles?

She had very good sense to place it where only those she wished to show would see it. One of my employers had a very strict "no visible" tattoo rule as part of the dress code.

Greg said...

What a classy and thoughtful tattoo, both in content and placement. It's clear that apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

: )

bigislandjeepguy said...

cool...your family has aliases!

i had no idea what song those words were from. but then again, i was never much of a beatles fan. they always depressed the hell outta me. dunno why.

i realized i have a borderline "employability" tattoo now that i got the one on my neck. but...tattoos on the islands are pretty much the norm. and unlike the mainland "gays", most all the men here, local or otherwise, have either sleeve or upper arm or some sort of band around their bicep/tricep. and not necessarily tribal. i find it funny when i read about how a lot of gays on the mainland think tats are yesterday's big thing. tattoos here tell a story, whether it's some experience or family history or something. i love that.

somewhere joe said...

Those words are tattoo'ed on our hearts, dear bird.

It's easy...

Patricia said...

Ladies and gentlemen... the Beatles!

Sound just like Ed, don't I?

That sounds like a classy tat.

Java said...

Sounds like she had a really good time at Grandmother's. Is she happy to be home again?

David said...

I totally tanked on naming that tune. I only know the chorus of that song.

I had not figured out about the pseudonyms, but that is way cool. Very Hebraic.