August 15, 2008

Playlist: You Gotta Hear This, part two

While I struggle with the next part of Crossroads, enjoy these bits from the Bob* and Tom radio show.

4. The First Baseball Game / Dan St. Paul
"Harry Carey" announces the game between the Jerusalem Giants and the Bethlehem Braves. I play this for every new boss I get at church. And I’m still employed! (Wait. I get a new interim boss at the end of the month. I’ll let you know.) Click on playlist samples to play.

5. Wiper Blades / Heywood Banks
I understand that a state trooper got a confession from a perpetrator in the back of his cruiser by playing this song over and over. Click on playlist samples to play.

*Brush With Greatness: My daughter and Bob Kevoian's son were born on the same day in the same hospital. How do I know? Bob wears that baseball cap everywhere.


somewhere joe said...

Lordy! If I had to listen to Wiper Blades ad infinitum, I think I'd be willing to confess to being D.B. Cooper.

Not that one's response to musical genres is a reliable indicator of good taste. Several years ago, a convenience store had become a teen hangout. Just days after piping a steady stream of Mozart into store speakers, the teens were gone. How sad is that? I think they could have at least started with John Tesh.

Birdie said...

Joe, my guilty pleasure and teen weapon of choice is Abba. Clears 'em out like cockroaches when the light's turned on.

somewhere joe said...


Today's pop idols are tomorrow's teen Riddex.

Java said...

My youngest daughter says Wiper Blades is a stupid song. Just to you know. I kinda liked it. :)

Sooo-this-is-me said...

I confess! I confess! Just please for the love of Mike take it off your play list! Aaaaaahh!

Dancing Queen young and... so I wonder Birdie, if I go see the movie Mamma Mia, does that mean there will be no annoying teens there, talking all through the movie? ;)

Birdie said...

Steven, they don't just talk anymore; they text. The theatre house is dark except for the glow of a dozen cell phones. It will drive you just as crazy.

I want this.

Greg said...

I think its a fun song, but I can see where it might get on a person's nerve in a loop like that.

As for ABBA, I saw a whole bunch of teens getting down to "Dancing Queen" at a camp dance we hosted at work last week. True, most of the stuff they played were songs about somebody named "Shawtie", but they didn't dash for ABBA...

Finally had a chance to sit and enjoy The First Baseball Game, Birdie. You're too much (well, more likely you are just right!). I have no doubt the next boss will enjoy it, too. And if not, you can always get another boss. ; ) Great way to know at the start what sort of person you're working with/for.

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