September 20, 2008

Recommended Reading

Meet Timbo, a blogger who lives in Washington state. He’s a writer and former trucker whose blog captured me almost two years ago. His writing about life is eloquent, but when he writes about people, he sings. He offers beautiful pictures that speak of his love for the western mountains and the open sky of the high plains. Take a look at his blog, Meanwhile Back at the Ranch, where this view from his house is one of dozens of gorgeous photos.

You can read his book Graced By Amazing online. The first thing I ever read of Tim’s writing was Chapter 4 of this book, “Cody,” a vivid portrait of a man of the West who lives on his own terms. Enjoy.

Postscript: With Cody's permission, Tim wrote a followup story that revealed "the rest of the story."

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Bear Me Out said...

I've been a fan of Timbo's for a long time. Beautiful pictures, and always a tender heart.