September 12, 2008

They're Baaaaaack

Warning: Geekspeak ahead.

The bookmarks, that is. Thank you, God. They returned when I finally managed the Safari upgrade. And yes, they're backed up now. I copied every bookmark to a Word doc and emailed it to myself. I can click from the doc to access the websites on any computer. If you haven't done this yet, DO IT NOW.

Looks like my pet Powerbook needs an overhaul. I had another kernel panic episode in spite of my reinstall and upgrades. That means it's a hardware i$$ue. Do you suppose it has anything to do with my dropping it to the floor from my lap a couple of weeks ago?

Lucky for me, Abe got a new company computer and is no longer using his iBook. Unlucky for him, his new laptop is a PC. I can no longer be his tech support. I'm a blue belt in Mac, but I know nothing about Windows. He's on his own. (That is not a good thing. This is the man who is so nontech it made my daughter want to cry. He has other qualities that more than make up for it.)

Everyone's out for the evening, and I have time alone. I had dinner by myself at Bravo with a glass of wine. Life is good.

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Dantallion said...

I love solitary evenings like that.