April 20, 2009

Apple or PC?

People who know me well know I'm all Apple all the time. When I sat down to buy my first computer, I studied all the reviews. The one that ultimately swung me to Apple read:

"It comes down to this: one is automatic and one uses a stick shift. They will both get you where you want to go. How easy do you want it to be?"

Being naturally lazy, Apple was the obvious choice. I've never regretted it. Don't roll your eyes at me. We Mac owners are known for our zeal. But today I was rewarded once again with the real reason I stick with Macs.

I burned out my Powerbook after five years of heavy use (well, that and dropping it twice). As usual, I went to the clearance section to buy a refurbished laptop. Except for my daughter's brand new MacBook Pro for school, I have always purchased refurbs and have always been happy with them.

But my new MBPro presented a buzzing sound a few hours into downloading all the software and upgrades. I took it to the store, where they said it would need a new fan. I only had it twenty-four hours! Fine, take it. I'll wait a few more days.

Today, Apple Inc. called me to tell me they wanted to keep my refurb and instead give me a brand new, better 15" MacBook Pro. Faster chip. More storage. Did I say brand new? Same price: $5oo less than retail. Woohooooo!

This is just the latest example of many years of consistently the finest customer service I have ever experienced anywhere. I say this as someone who worked in retail and knows what it means to be able to pull this off. I've worked with Apple on software issues over the phone with Americans whose native language is English. (Their customer service center is in Georgia—the state, not the region in Russia.) Their service reps named "Cindy" don't have to ask me if Smith is my first or last name, unlike any telecom company with whom I've dealt. If you have a software issue you can't figure out from their massive online database, an Apple "genius" at their store will take you through the steps, no matter how long it takes, for free.

Yeah, they cost more. You get what you pay for. And you get the best customer service money can't buy.

Hey! I got through this entire post without gloating about how Macs are impervious to all those viruses. Oh, wait.


Greg said...

I've always chided myself that I should have a Mac, although I have generally pleased with the PCs I've known. They were the computer I first got to know and they were delightfully easy to use.

Nice to hear you've had such good experiences.

Brian R said...

Yea Macs Rule :-)
I actually retired from permanent work when my Principal told me to replace all the Macs in my Library with PCs. Ironically most of my casual work since has been with PCs :-(
An earlier Principal bought a PC for my library to begin replacing the "toys" I used. At the end of the day I went and asked him how to turn it off. With a sheepish grin he said "Go to the Start icon" Real intuitive.
What I love most is when friends warn me about the latest virus and I can say "But I have a Mac, no worry"

Roxrocks said...

My next computer is going to be a Mac. My six month old laptop has been out of commission for over a month, sent back to Acer for a new hard drive. The whole thing makes me so mad because I asked Derwood for a Mac. Next time, I'm going to buy it myself! Oh great, now I'm all riled up!

Blobby said...

I'm a big Mac fan and need to replace my Powerbook G4 (also 5+ yrs old - no drops).

Of course, I'll get a new Mac, but I have NEVER had that kind of customer service there.

Actually, I've encountered rude unfriendly folks when needing mine fixed.....and the Genius Bar? I usually get the, "wow....I really have no idea".

Genius? I think not.

evilganome said...

I have mixed feelings about Apple right now, though when it comes time to replace my MacBook, I assume I will be getting another Mac.

I myself have had mixed luck with their customer service though by and large, the folks at the Apple Store have been at least pleasant which goes a long way.