April 18, 2009

Overheard: The Quick Stop Store

I didn't have enough cash for my small purchase, so I handed the kid at the counter my credit card. I spoke as I signed the slip.

Me: "You know, a lot of places don't make you sign for under twenty-five."

Kid: "Uh, company policy makes us ask for a signature even if you're over a hundred."

Me: (Blink, blink. Oh.) "I meant dollars, not years."

This may be why these places are held up.

P.S. If this works, it will be my first BlackBerry post.


THIS IS ME....ONLINE said...

So just how much did you tip that kid? :)

Java said...

Congratulations on your first BlackBerry post!
Yesterday I was talking to two other women, all of us about the same age, when I received a text message. I made my excuses and sent a brief reply. Both of them were amazed that I know how to send text messages. I worry about these ladies who are afraid of something as innocuous as a text message.

bigislandjeepguy said...

hehehe. too funny.

Jeaux said...

LOL. One of those "Thanks... I think" moments.

Roxrocks said...

Sometimes I worry about the future when I hear stories like this! LOL!

Greg said...

Awww, the little Quick Stop boy didn't think you were a day over 26. That's kinda sweet!

David said...

Very funny, but here in NYC, I have to sign the credit card slip no matter what the amount is. I've signed for charges of $2.95. I've never heard of not having to sign for a small amount.