February 14, 2010


Just call me "sir." Because, once again, I've been mistaken for a man. As I sat with my family—including two sisters who look a lot like me these days—the waitress asked for my order.

"And you, sir?"

What is this? You thought I was kidding when I posted my doppelgänger picture, didn't you? Well, I did too. *sigh*


Rox said...

It's not you, it's a sign of the times. People are retarded.

Maybe you need a pin that says "I'm a girl, dumbass!" LOL

Congratulations on becoming a certified diver!!

MartininBroda said...

I have to admit I laughed out loud Sir Birdie :-)

THIS IS ME....ONLINE said...

At least you look like someone with a flair. :)

Your diving expedition sounded fabulous. Big congrats!

Blobby said...


While no one is mistaking you for a man, I'd say Elton looks more like you, then you look like him. And keep in mind, he paid a good chunk of change to be made up like you - so there's that!

Remind me to tell you about a trip to a drive through fast food place where one of my friends was called "ma'am".

the hobbit said...

We're not really opening up the "ma'am" can of worms again from me, are we? Are we?! LOL

I imagine their little hearts must just burst in their chests when they think of a young, pretty girl like myself stricken early with breast cancer, bald from the chemo, but still so goddamn chipper.

I usually roll with it unless their's a lot of money coming out of my bank account at the end of the conversation.

David said...

While I hope you gently corrected her, I also hope she was embarrassed at her mistake. That would really piss me off.