February 10, 2010

The View From My Window: Day Three

Key Largo, Florida

Weather (64° and 25-knot winds) kept everyone away from dive class—except me. We were to start in the pool and spend the afternoon on the reef. Swells from the wind quashed the reef option, and since it was just me, we decided to customize my lesson.

I'd had prior experience, so we skipped the pool altogether and used the inlet you see pictured from my hotel room. It was very cold, so we each had two wetsuits on. It worked out well. The inlet is nothing to remember: mostly barren, murky bottom, occasional fish and a few jellyfish. We finished in an hour (after classroom review of two hours) and called it a day.

Tomorrow's too cold, so I'm finishing up on Friday morning. Tomorrow? I have several options. We'll see.

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Java said...

Things are looking good there, Birdie. Make a couple of extra splashes for me, will ya'? Enjoy.