March 23, 2010

Picture Album

This is just a miscellany post to report a few little things I've done lately.

My brother brought two of his five children to visit over their spring break. Kids #3 and #4 are seven and eight years old, the perfect age for our children's museum. The Indianapolis Children's Museum is the largest one in the world and frankly one of the few things well worth the visit. We've got a nice city but not a lot of WOW.

One item that is definitely WOW is the Chihuly installation in the core of the spiraling ramp of the museum. Dale Chihuly is at the top of the food chain in glass art, and this is his largest work in the world. These pictures do not do it justice.

The column of blown glass rises through four floors and contains 3200 pieces, each of which is a work of art. "Fireworks of Glass" is mounted on an armature of steel spikes, and each blown piece simply rests on a spike.

At the bottom of the tower of glass, four panels of clear acrylic are covered in 1600 more glass works of art, making a kaleidoscope viewed from underneath.

My pitiful photography can't show you the stunning blend of color and light. Can you tell that art glass is my favorite medium?

Last week Sheba and I and her friend went to see Great Big Sea at a local club. They are a Newfoundland folk band and a whole lot more fun than that sounds. Their sound has Celtic roots and the whole evening was one big party. (You can hear "When I'm Up" and "Ordinary Day" on my playlist in the side column.) What's more, there was no smoking, I didn't need ear plugs, and drinks were $4. I would have felt like I was back in college except for the fact that Sheba was probably the youngest one there. A woman next to me had also come with her daughter. I commented that I was probably the oldest person in attendance.

She waved in dismissal. "Oh, no. You and I have to be about the same age."

"I'm 56."


Sophie found a new toy in Ben's room. See the fun ball in her mouth?

This is what it really is. Every time she drops it the house resonates. I made Ben take it away.


bigislandjeepguy said...

LOVE the dawg pics. first one she looks like she found the best doggie treat possible, second one she's like, "if you touch this, i am gonna freak out on you."

dogs rock.

Rox said...

GBS is one of Canada's treasures! You haven't seen crazy until you've seen a room full of Newfies get their party on to a GBS song! HAHA! If you ever get a chance to go to Newfoundland, take it.

The glass art? AMAZING!

Blobby said...

Envious that you saw GBS. I've been wanting to go for years, but can find no one (yes, no one) who'll attend w/me. I've been a fan for about 15 yrs too. Sad.

Doggie is cute as all get out.

And love Dale Chihuly, and even for him, that piece is remarkable!

the hobbit said...

Pretty, pretty!

(Both to the Chihuly and to Sophie, just so no one gets jealous...)

David said...

There was a Dale Chihuly piece at the museum we visited in Philly not long ago. I knew it had to be the same artist the minute I saw the picture.

I love those moments when folks say "oh I'm sure you and I are the same age" and discover that you are ten years their senior. Love. That. For realz.

CJ/Rick said...

I love the work of Chihuly. But I haven't seen any in person.
Sophie is a cutie. She knows what's good.