March 15, 2010

I'm Out

And I'm proud.

I just returned from a visit with my senior pastor in which I told him of my work on Bilerico. He was receptive and encouraging. Honestly, I expected nothing less. But I have kept a low profile for fear of interfering with the progress at my church. My stance on the subject of faith and sexuality is well-known now. Whenever I have spoken, I have made it clear that I speak as a member and not as a representative of the church, for fear of setting back our forward movement. But my pastor assures me that, in spite of a few who will never change their minds, he feels our congregation is welcoming and on its way to making it official. Maybe that timeline I originally figured—three to four years—isn't so far off after all. (I sat down with five pastors and presented my timeline in December of 2008.)

So now my immediate boss, some peers and the senior pastor know all about my writing for Bilerico. All are very supportive. It is such a relief to be able to talk about it!

Next: Facebook.


A Lewis said...

There's nothing quite like that feeling after "it's out in the open" and we/you/me/whoever isn't in the closet any longer. Freedom. No hiding. Honesty. All fingers are crossed for you in your continued efforts!

Java said...

Wonderful! And what Lewis said.

Ur-spo said...

thank you. really.

Greg said...

Yah, thanks.

And congratulations. Huge relief to have it out there in the open, eh? : )

Rox said...

You're on Facebook?!

Carol said...

Good for you, B!