July 9, 2010

Here, Look At Something Cute

Terrible quality photos taken by my BlackBerry.

Baby bunny by the rail trail just sat there as we looked at it.

Innocent puppy sat by the evidence, which had four canine indentations from gentle handling.


Rox said...


Java said...

I have much evidence of feline handling, which is anything but gentle. She is a fierce kitty who regularly protects us from the malicious "bath tissue." I do not thank her.

bigislandjeepguy said...

at least she had gentle handling. in his day, jeep would have dragged it thru out the house, then grinned at me.

Blobby said...

Tovah used to take the rolls and bunny kick them until we had shreds all around the house. I could do nothing but smile.

I love bunnies. I don't care they eat some of our stuff like the deer do. They are WAY cuter.