July 2, 2010

Saturday on Bilerico: Christians Apologize At Chicago Pride

It's all over the InterWebs. This picture depicts a young gay man hugging a pastor who says he is sorry for what the church has done. It is an uplifting scenario and you can read about it on Nathan Albert's very moving post.

I couldn't wait to write an article about it for Bilerico, so I set about doing my homework. I found information about the Marin Foundation, which staged this event, that is disturbing. While you wait for my article to post on Saturday afternoon, read this 2006 article written by Michelangelo Signorile for The Advocate.

Update: It's up.

Update II: Wow. This post on Bilerico certainly has garnered attention. I've been exploring other links offered by commenters, and my conclusions only get darker about Marin. Sorry to have ignored this blog, but I'll be back shortly.

Photo credit: Michelle at maladjustedmedia.com


Java said...

I saw the article about this, including this picture. It is encouraging.

I'll go read your Bilerico post now...

Java said...

Read it. Yeah, too little, no punch, and it smells of the pseudo Christian practice of making money from under-informed people.

Thank you for your research and report, my dear.

David said...

Disappointing. I too was encouraged by the initial news, and crestfallen when the reality was revealed.

A Lewis said...

I've been on both sides of this fence. For years I existed in dishonesty on the church side. And now, in honesty, I'm on the other side. Unfortunately, I question motives and phrases and such. But that's my issue, no one else's. I appreciate the story, the gestures. I hope it keeps on happening.