August 18, 2010

Florida Phone Pics

Rain in Florida has a standard pattern: sun/wall of water/sun.

Abe, Ben and I spent one day at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon. This is where I discovered my new thyroid medicine has made me a motion wimp: one twisty slide ride was enough.

I crossed the Sunshine Skyway four times to pick up and drop off the boys at the Tampa airport. Alas, it was not in a convertible.

My mother retired this year at age 89 as a travel agent. My parents decorate their house with souvenirs from all over the world. For years we had to hide this Balinese mask from the kids, who were terrified of it. They still don't like it.


THIS IS ME....ONLINE said...

I don't think that I would want to sleep in a room with that mask myself. Can't imagine waking up to that.

Retiring at 89? Couldn't she make it to 90? :) You come from very good stock as they say.

Best wishes to her!

Cubby said...

I had no idea the waves at typhoon lagoon were so big. That looks like so much fun!

Ur-spo said...

I have a mask almost just like this one, hanging in my office at work.

Blobby said...

I love the rain pic. That is so neat.

The mask doesn't scare me, but you're talking to someone who used to collect 'Day of the Dead' art, so......

But it does call into question Michael having a mask like that in his office. I suppose it is to garner more office visits.

rox said...

LOVE the Balinese Mask! I love a scary face!