August 23, 2010

This And That

I was waiting at the light when this car pulled up next to me. With about five seconds left before the change, I managed to get this shot with my phone cam. You can't see the row of "spikes" that line the hood and lead to the arrangement on the roof. Look closely at the furry things affixed to the edge of the trunk: those are troll dolls. The car is heavily stenciled and the license plate reads "plate." This guy is having fun.

My head's in a spin from all that has been happening for the past few weeks. After the busiest week of the year—so far—getting ready for four different startups for the fall, I went to another Inclusive Church two-day seminar this past Friday and Saturday; taught on Sunday; met with our ever-growing Friends and Family of LGBT church group; and now I'm attending the annual two-day retreat for pastoral and program staff. This retreat is all about releasing anxiety and living in the moment. It's exactly what I need.

I spent an hour trying to draw the pastoral view from the hillside of the camp in southern Indiana. Do you have any idea how hard that is? There are WAY too many leaves. I really do want to learn how to employ some latent but totally untrained artistic ability. My amateurish efforts look childish, but I have hope. Isn't that what keeps us going, after all?

Good night.


rox said...

6s and 9s. That's how to draw leaves. My grade 8 Language Arts teacher taught us that on an Outdoor Ed field trip.

It sounds like you are totally in the zone with work and life while still keeping your eyes peeled for the fun things in life. Balance!

Blobby said...

I'm not a BMW fan, but would you really do that to a car?

Someone has seen the Fast and the Furious at least one too many times.

THIS IS ME....ONLINE said...

Indiana is one beautiful state. Somehow that car doesn't fit in, but I do love his spirit.

tornwordo said...

I had a vw bus that I painted with a Charlie Brown zig zag and then invited the neighborhood kids to paint little cartoons. I loved that car.