October 1, 2010

Now, Where Was I?

Oh, yeah. Guys, it's been crazy. Posts I owe you:

I went to Chicago last week to visit with an Aussie blogger who was coming through on his world tour. Brian and I had too short a time, but it was wonderful. While you wait for my tidbit and pitiful phonecam shots, check out his reports on his travels.

This morning Fox News (I know!) taped a debate between me and the executive director of the American Family Association - Indiana. My mouth was so dry my tongue wouldn't move against my teeth. Dear Lord. I guess I did okay.

I'll be back to explain it all.


rox said...

Birdie! You have some e'splainin' to do!!
-Rocky Ricardo

Cubby said...

Very interesting! Can't wait to see the segment.

tornwordo said...

Need more info please. Yay Birdie!