May 24, 2008

Playlist: Wyoming Skies

Two summers ago I had the experience of a lifetime: I joined my sister for a portion of her 4800-mile drive home from Hartford, Connecticut to Haines, Alaska. I was able to accompany her from Indianapolis to Edmonton, Alberta: 2700 miles. What a ride. I’ll tell you about it in another post someday, but here’s the instrumental compilation I put together after falling in love with the American West.

It’s interesting to note that most of the tracks come from five different movie soundtracks; I suppose that is the most accessible “western-sounding” music. Those who are astute—read: as anal-retentive as I am —may notice that several tracks repeat from the previous playlist, including Metheny’s “Spiritual.” That piece is one of my favorites of all time. I think its soothing sensuality makes a wonderful waltz for two. Envision wine; low lights; wrapped in your hunnybun’s arms, swaying only on the downbeat. He pulls you close and nuzzles your neck…mmm…

…where was I? Oh yes.

In concert with the other tracks, this mix brings back to me the majesty and poignant desolation of the high prairie, canyons, and rugged mountains. Breathtaking in its quiet power, the landscape overwhelms. The order of the tracks is important to the flow of the mix. (With thanks and a tip of the cowboy hat to Mike.) Enjoy. 1.2 hours.

Wyoming Skies

1. End Title / Thomas Newman / Shawshank Redemption Soundtrack
2. A Map Of The World 1 / Pat Metheny / A Map Of The World Soundtrack
3. Chichina / Gustavo Santaolalla / The Motorcyle Diaries Soundtrack
4. Robert’s Theme / David Arkenstone / Frontier
5. Brokeback Mountain Score 1 (The Mountain) / Gustavo Santaolalla/ Brokeback Mountain Soundtrack
6. Little Martha / Jerry Douglas / Lookout For Hope
7. Then They Were Gone / Joe Euro / Eyes On The Horizon
8. High Desert / Bruce Kaphan / Slider: Ambient Excursions For Pedal Steel Guitar
9. Snow / Gustavo Santaolalla / Brokeback Mountain Soundtrack
10. Angels In The Snow / David Arkenstone / The Very Best Of Celtic Christmas
11. Kiss / Gustavo Santaolalla / Brokeback Mountain Complete Score
12. Michael Hedges Goes To Heaven / Michael Gulezian / Language Of The Flame
13. John Grady’s Angel / Marty Stuart / All The Pretty Horses Soundtrack
14. Riding Horses / Gustavo Santaolalla / Brokeback Mountain Soundtrack
15. Retrograde / Leo Kottke / One Guitar, No Vocals
16. The Precious Jewel / Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny / Beyond The Missouri Sky
17. You Are Late / Gustavo Santaolalla / Brokeback Mountain Complete Score
18. Cowboy’s Dream / Marty Stuart / All The Pretty Horses Soundtrack
19. Brokeback Mountain Score 3 (Dozy Embrace) / Gustavo Santaolalla / Brokeback Mountain Soundtrack
20. Midnight Watch / Joe Euro / The High Road
21. The Wings / Gustavo Santaolalla / Brokeback Mountain Soundtrack
22. Spiritual / Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny / Beyond The Missouri Sky


Birdie said...

Postscript: I'm all atwitter! Courtesy of a link from Cooper, I was able to find a few of the tracks I've mentioned on this and other posts. You'll find the player in the column on the right. Click on any track to hear it.

Patrick said...

When I graduated from college, I and five friends took two cars and drove cross-country to start our next chapters in Seattle (by way of Boulder, CO, so one friend could get things from her mother's house). U2's Joshua Tree is my personal soundtrack from that journey, "In God's Country" in particular. How is it possible for the sky to look so much bigger in some places than in others? The buttes of Utah still haunt my dreams. It's all tied up with that weird sensation of leaping off into life, without any real plan, for the first time in my existence.

Thanks for reminding me of that heady, scary, wonderful time.

Bill said...

I hope you will write about that road trip! It must have been incredible.

bigislandjeepguy said...

that playlist thing ROCKS!
thanks for the great post. i'm gonna check summa dat out!

bigislandjeepguy said...

by the way...if you get a chance...listen to the tiesto remix of "ride" by cary brothers. or anything by cary brothers. i dunno...just struck me as something you might like.

somewhere joe said...

Even the name 'Wyoming' is replete with windswept sagebrush and big sky legend. If Wyoming Skies is anything like Convertible Night, I'm sure it's wonderful.

Cooper said...

That is a magnificent Playlist, Birdie! Now I just need a cowboy to sway with ...