May 1, 2008

Three Little Words

There is a phrase of just three words that makes almost any man’s heart race. Upon hearing these words his breathing gets shallow and a sheen of sweat glistens on his brow. Sometimes men withdraw in fear; sometimes they cannot resist; but all are captured by these three little words:

“I dare you.”

Have you ever taken a dare? Did it turn out well?


Java said...

Thankfully my testosterone levels are low enough, or my confidence in myself is high enough (sometimes) that I haven't felt the need to take a dare. So far.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Once in highschool a friend dared me to tell one of our strict teachers a very dirty joke out loud in class. I did and felt terrible and embarrassed after when the teacher said he expected better of me. That pretty much put an end to dares for me.

bigislandjeepguy said...

we were canoeing down a river one time and saw all these people jumping off trees into the water. my roommate/fellow paddler dared me to jump off this tree along the riverbank that had these ladder-like extensions that went waaaaaay up the tree. i thought, what the hell? everyone else is doing it! i remember climbing and not looking down and then realizing just how high up i was. and the way the extensions were, it was next to impossible to try to climb back DOWN once you got up there. it was either jump or...i dunno...hyperventilate yourself into panic mode.


i jumped.

and the things i remember on the way down were:

- what am i, crazy? people get killed this way!
- wow, it's amazing how the wind whistles thru your ears like this the faster you go
- when the hell am i ever gonna hit the water?

that was probably the biggest seemed to take forever to reach the water.

once i did, i jumped back into the canoe, was laughing my ass off, shaking like a leaf and saying, "i'm gonna do it again."

thankfully, good reasoning took over and i didn't. but i'll never forget it. it rocked, it kicked ass, it scared the hell outta me, it gave me a buzz...AND, i lived to tell. stupid youth!

David said...

I usually don't traffic much in dares, nor do the people I associate with. But if the dare doesn't involve physical peril, I am more inclined to take it on.