June 26, 2008

On Sin and Grace

Mohandas Ghandi’s “Seven Deadly Sins:”

Wealth without work,
Pleasure without conscience,
Science without humanity,
Knowledge without character,
Politics without principle,
Commerce without morality,
And worship without sacrifice.

"Original Sin," artist unknown

The simplest definition I have for sin is anything that separates me from God. I have found that the greater awareness I have of my own sinfulness, the easier it is for me to offer forgiveness, mercy and love. And I will try to give that within my capacity to do so, for I am a profoundly grateful recipient of God’s own infinite grace.

Grace is yang to the yin of brokenness. It makes us whole again, healing the shattered state which tragedy, disillusionment, inhumanity, and hopelessness have inflicted upon our souls. Grace is light to darkness, the light from which springs hope. What a joy it is to know this light, this hope, this peace.

Grace is found not in objects but in even the simplest of acts: a smile; an outstretched hand; “Please;” “You’re welcome.” It is apparent in the absence of action: a swallowed retort; restraint instead of vengeance; gentle silence.

Where have you found grace?


Greg said...

A lovely painting to accompany another thought-provoking post. I'll get back to you on my answer, though.

Anonymous said...

This blog consistently gives me so much to think about.

Thanks for keeping me serious and not just flippant!

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Very nice Birdie, strange how I never hear anything this beautiful or thought provoking in most church services, is it "strange" or "sad".

Birdie said...

I cannot possibly list them all, but these past few days I have found grace here, here, here, and here. It's all around you if you look for it. Is it any wonder I spend so much time with my Internet friends?

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somewhere joe said...

I don't think anything can separate us from God, including sin. Reconciliation is a fait accompli, now and forever. A friend of mine once observed that if there's a broken relationship with God, it seems that we are the offended party. Grace is a postcard from home.

bigislandjeepguy said...

aw, thanks birdie! :)

i have not responded to this one, ("where have you found grace?") but let me tell you... i have thought about it all week since i first read it. your blog always makes me think alot, even if i don't actually type a response.

enjoy your weekend!

Bill said...

What a beautiful post, Birdie!