October 27, 2008

Life With Ben

It’s 9:00 p.m. I’m calling Ben from the car to tell him I’m here to pick him up.


“Hey, baby, I’m in the drive.”

“Huh? ...I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“What do you mean? Very funn–“

“I don’t even know who this is.”

“What? It’s your mom, you–“

“I’m going to hang up. Bye.”

What on earth? What’s the matter with that boy? I call again.


“It’s your mother, you nut. I’m in the drivew–“

“Huh? ...I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Very funny. I’m... ohhh.”

“I don’t even know who this is.”


“I’m going to hang up. Bye.”

It’s his outgoing message. I’m going to kill him. Then I’ll ground him. But he made me swear not to tell Abe yet.


tornwordo said...

Sounds like you raised him right ; )

Roxrocks said...


When I get my kids' voicemail, she yells out "YO, YO, YO leave a message!" It throws me off every single time. I'd be in a permanent state of confusion if I got a message like Ben's!!

bigislandjeepguy said...

wait. i do not mean this in a bad way AT ALL, but somehow, when i read this, i thought, "the apple does not fall far from the tree"...hehehe. seems he got his sense of humor from his mom. just a little bit? a tiny bit?

(and i do not know why i even think this...just spidey sense or something?)

gay, christian and scared shitless said...

LMAO My cuz has the same

Bear Me Out said...

OOOOH. did big island nail you, or what!

Clever, those children of our. Ben is NEVER to meet my daughters. Never. You'll thank me for this. Really

Ur-spo said...

Best to bury him for a few years and dig him up when he is older.

Paul said...

Great recorded message. I'd put it on my phone but I'm afraid that some might think I'm juvenile.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

That is too funny, I like when kids start to show their sense of humour. My friend had the one where he keeps saying he can't hear you because of the loud music, then after he turns it down he says he can't hear you because this is a recording and to leave a message, after you just spent five minutes yelling "hello this is so and so".

David said...

I think it's quite clever. I'd cut him some slack. I have a friend who used to have a message like that and even though I knew about it, it would consistently fool me. His went along the lines of:

Him: "Hello?"
then a pause for you to start talking, then -
Him: "Oh hey, can you hold on for just a second?"
At which point there would be about ten seconds of silence. Then -
Him: "Thanks for holding, I can't come to the phone right now..." etc etc.

We're still friends, btw.

Doug said...

That's awesome! I might change my outgoing message to that. I'm such a copycat. ;)

Birdie said...

For those of you who might be worried, all I did was swat him upside the head when he got in the car laughing. Ben remains alive and free, for now. But we're plotting how to get Abe to do this where we can hear his reaction.

evilganome said...

Hmmmm... I havent' had a prank message on my phone in years. The last time it was because I was being plagued by telemarketers.

The message was "Hello? hello? You're going to have to speak up I can't hear you. Is this a prank call? Hello?

If they were going to keep calling I figured I might as well get some entertainment value out of it.

Greg said...

Ah, yes...and now two become one against Abe. Poor man. Yes, you have to be able to hear him, but *not* die laughing during it.

This is good stuff right here.

(Ohmigosh, my word ver is MOSES!)

Java said...

I love his creativity and his willingness to do this.

S and I did something similar. On his phone I recorded me saying "you've reached (me) etc. " and on my phone he was giving the same message, "you've reached S's phone..." Drove Superman crazy, so I changed mine back. He may still have my voice on his, I don't know. Haven't called him in a while. :)

verification: dintings ?? How many? What's the penalty?