October 13, 2008

Today's Front Page

The story of Father Geoff Farrow appeared on today's front page of the Los Angeles Times.

If you are moved as I am by this man's sacrifice, post a link to his blog or to the article on your own blog and in comments. Email it to your friends. By keeping this story alive we can effect change. Informed people make informed choices, in California and elsewhere. We must do this.

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LiftThineEyes said...

I am sending the link to Fr. Goeff's blog to everyone I can think of...and I am just starting to read the posts on your blog.

I am struck by the story of your "call", since, in another part of the continent, I have felt the same call to work with my congregation to become open and affirming. I, too, live the "vanilla" life, quite happily, and don't really know where all this will take me; I just know that I'm going there through this issue. And I'm overjoyed to know I'm not alone. My very best wishes to you.