November 4, 2008

Bits and Pieces

• The colors this year were delayed about two weeks. Usually the trees would be bare by now, but many of them are sporting their brightest colors. This is my back yard, where Sophie runs.

• I almost didn't get to vote today. My name was not on the registry next to my husband and daughter. I haven't moved in over 25 years. What gives? After lengthy discussion and a longer phone call, we found my name on a different registry; they had filed it with my middle name as last name. They were very nice about the whole thing, but one woman before me stomped out in disgust, having waited "too  long." Working the polls has to be one thankless job.

• I voted split ticket, apparently like most of Indiana. Performance counts more than party affiliation here. My ballot was approximately 50/50. (I voted for a Democratic president and Republican governor, among others.)

• I'm leaving pre-dawn tomorrow for sunny Minneapolis to attend a Covenant Network conference. This organization of churches affirms the LGBT community as a part of its charter. I'm hoping to expand my own network of contacts and meet those clergy affiliated with large churches. I'm looking for advice about pitfalls to avoid and effective strategies. I'll report from on the road if I can.

• Abe brought me more chocolate turtles from Fort Wayne. Who needs Halloween?


Roxrocks said...

When we voted, our names were at a far away polling station...we went anyway. I can see why people get frustrated though.

Your leaves are beautiful. Ours have been gone for ages. No s-n-o-w yet though! Woohoo!

David said...

My new polling place is right around the corner. I got up just before 6AM to make sure to beat the lines, and was back in bed by 6:30AM.

Doug said...

Good thing you got the voting confusion unraveled. And yes, poll workers must be generous and patient souls.

Have fun in Minneapolis. Say 'hi' to my uncle for me. :D

the hobbit said...

I'm so excited! GOBAMA!

Java said...

Have a great time in Minneapolis! I hope it doesn't get too cold while you're there.

Glad you stuck around to clear up the confusion so you could vote. My votes were all over the place, too. This is the first time I have ever voted for a Democratic president! My how things change...