February 18, 2009


(Mat la SHAY)

This time my trusty GPS got me to my next destination easily on Saturday morning. I was late of my own accord. Jack was forgiving, as always, and we tooled in the sun to a local coffee bistro he liked.

I met Jack online about three years ago, and he was my guide into blogs on the interwebs. He has been a faithful friend and occasional taskmaster, helping me when I asked. Jack is a self-deprecating man who is unable to turn down a request for help. And his help isn’t the hand-holding kind. If you need a swift kick—as I did at a couple of points—Jack is there with a sharp-toed boot and a kind word.

Luckily for me, I didn’t need a swift kick this time. So we laughed through the hour or so that we had until we left to join Doug and his partner Chris in the island town of Matlacha. These two men are real sweetiepies, and they were eager to show us around their island. They took us through the artsy town of Matlacha and to their favorite galleries. I had hoped that Doug would be dressed in one of his new handmade tie-dye shirts, but he said they were being washed. They are to dye for.

We ate at a local BBQ place, maintaining my vow to avoid all chain restaurants as much as possible. It was great food; and to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the café gave me a free glass of merlot. The guys? They got nothing. Ç’est la vie!

One of the galleries was a trip back to the sixties.

And I mean trip in every sense of the word.

I loved Matlacha. All of these beach communities with their tiny buildings just feel like home to me. What am I doing in Indiana?! Well, there is that whole job and family thing, I suppose.

I had a great afternoon with the guys. Look for news on Doug’s blog of the new yoga studio that he and Chris are opening. Also check out the new Gay Fort Myers blog that Jack, Doug and others have recently launched.

My Southern Florida Blogtrip was coming to an end. Four bloggers—and three nonbloggers—in four days! What a ride. I was due for dinner once again with family in Sarasota. (Remember them?) I hugged my thanks to Doug and Chris and taxied Jack back to his place in Ft. Myers. Time to head home.

Update: Joe has a gorgeous slide show on Matlacha on Hooky Beach.


tornwordo said...

A little beach town sounds lovely about now. There's another foot of snow falling outside, sigh. And no fair, you've met more bloggers on my blog roll than I have, lol.

Roxrocks said...

I'm with Torn, I almost gasped at the brightness of the palm trees. It's because I've been looking at white and grey for six months! (Okay, five!)

I'm so glad you got to meet Doug! I just love that kid!