February 10, 2009


To experience the full effect of this post, click "play" on the first song in the playlist in the righthand column.

This morning's flight to Tampa was uneventful and allowed me time to get some reading done. I left Indiana at a balmy-for-there 55° and arrived in Tampa two hours later to 81°. The 2009 Sebring I was able to get at a discount is beautiful. At the gate from the car lot I shot my hands into the air with a "Woohoo!" The gatekeeper laughed and raised the arm. Vacation had officially begun. When I left the airport, I had the World's Best Convertible Song—"Jessica" by the Allman Brothers—blasting from the stereo as the sun shone in the west and the wind wreaked havoc with my hair. (Who cares?) The Sebring handles very well, even at 70 mph (yes, the speed limit) with the roof down.

I try always to take the Sunshine Skyway to Sarasota, even though it adds a few minutes to the drive. You can see why:

Just as I hit the rise up the span with the sun reflecting off the water, Jeff Beck's "Bolero" began. Whoa. (You can hear that as the second song on the playlist. Can you feel it?)

I had a wonderful dinner at a little place a block from the house with my parents and my sister, and I leave in the morning for Ft. Lauderdale and the Keys. I'll take you along. Good night.


the hobbit said...

That bridge would scare the life out of me!

Patricia said...

I can almost smell the salty air. What a wonderful beginning to your vacation! I gotta drive that bridge in a convertible one day. Dang, how cool.

Eat a piece (or 3) of key lime pie for me, pretty please?

Patrick said...

Forgive me if this is a duplicate, but the interwebs seem to have eaten my previous comment.

I have loved "Jessica" for years without knowing the title or the artists. It's one of the best roadtrip songs EVER. Have a fantastic vacation, Dear Birdie, thanks for bringing us along. And smooch Jeaux for me when you see him.

bigislandjeepguy said...

try riding over that bridge in a lifted suzuki samurai on a windy day. "woo hoo" were the LAST words comin' outta my mouth.

i do miss that jeep tho. it did not go fast (unless you drafted off trucks), but it was good fun.

i am not an allman bros. fan, but that song *is* perfect for that ride. thank you for sharing. have a safe trip to south fl...keep us posted!

Brian R said...

me too. I would have to close my eyes, not good if driving.