May 20, 2009

Monday Mystery (on Wednesday)

Hoosiers have a driving habit that is driving me crazy. Frequently I will see someone hold back a car length—or even two—while waiting at a traffic light. Clearly, someone has told these people that this is a good idea, but for the life of me I can't figure out a benefit to it.

I took this picture on the way home from work today, while waiting at a light.

No one ever did this for the thirty years I lived in Florida. Can anyone explain this driving strategy?

Update: Oh yeah. Today's Wednesday. But it's felt like Monday all day, so this counts.


tornwordo said...

I was always told if I couldn't see the back tires of the car in front of me, I was too close.

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You're my French gangster blood, lol

Jeaux said...

How odd. I'd be happy if drivers kept a car length or two away while they're moving. Try to keep a safe distance from the car ahead of you on the freeway... the space is quickly filled by drivers who apparently can't stand the sight of wasted space.

Birdie said...

The thing is, when traffic starts moving again, they always move up and fill that space. And they'll do this backspace thing when there's no one in front of them, too, leaving plenty of room for one or two cars to zip in ahead of them at the light. And no one does! It's making my brain hurt.

Anonymous said...

Hi.....I don't know why the driving space but I do know that you were driving north on Meridian Street at Fall Creek Parkway close to the old Marrott Hotel. I used to frequent Sam's Subway resturant in the basement of the hotel.

Caddy Jean

Birdie said...

Whoa, Caddy Jean, you know more about that intersection than I do! Yeah, I was heading north after having spent the day at the Damien Center. It's the only reason I go downtown anymore.

Roxrocks said...

Maybe they are panickers. A friend of mine was driving once and went into a panic bacause she couldn't get out of the traffic. I like to keep a little space between me and everyone else, but not a car length.

Anonymous said...

You leave space in front of you in case someone rearends you. The space keeps you from rearending the car in front of you. Stupid insurance laws are to blame. See if a car rearends you and causes you to hit the car in front of you. The car that hit you is only responsible for the damage to your car in the rear. If you hit the car in front of you you pay for the damage to the front of your own car and the damage to the rear of the car you hit!! Hope this clears things up for you.

Greg said...

Rarely see anything like that around here. I try not to tailgate for those reasons, but I'm afraid I don't think of leaving space when I stop for a light.