April 14, 2010

Cilantro, The Evil Weed

I hate cilantro. I can't understand why it's the Herb of the Decade. I literally cannot eat a dish that has too much cilantro in it. (Ask my sister-in-law, who asked if I like garlic—"Yes!"—and then proceeded to chop a bundle of fresh cilantro over a perfectly good plate of garlic shrimp pasta. Couldn't touch it.)

The New York Times has an explanation for people like me. I'm not alone!


Blobby said...

I loathe cilantro. It tastes like metal.

Ur-spo said...

Hang on; herbs come and go first it was basil, now cilantro - I guess tarragon is next.

Rox said...

I don't even know what Cilantro tastes like. I mean, I can't isolate the taste memory.

The one I don't like is the soapy spice that people use to season their stuffing. I don't even know which it is.

the hobbit said...

Like all things, it's not so bad in useful proportions. (AlternaChef can't get enough of it.)

If it gets served with something liquid and adult, all the better.

justjock said...

living in arizona means a lot of cilantro. i love it, and a really good salsa has to have it as an ingredient.

parsley, on the other hand...

not even worthy of garnishing a plate, much less eating.

as for garlic: life without it would not be worth living.

bigislandjeepguy said...

i was growing cilantro here at the house since we used it so much in everything, and i would go out and pick a piece and just eat it once in awhile.

love it.

and wait a minute...PARSLEY? i could just eat that fresh from the garden, too. mint? check. basil? check. green onion? check.

i think i was a cow in a previous life :)

Bridgeout said...

nervously chuckling... shuffling my feet... whispering... "um, I like Cilantro"... DUCKING!!! ;-)