April 7, 2010

Verbatim: Big Box

I'm in Florida. Abe and Sheba are in California. Ben is alone and eighteen. (What could possibly go wrong?) Ben was home when a package was delivered.

April 7, 2010 6:22 PM
A big Woot box came. What is it

April 7, 2010 6:24 PM
Sheba's Christmas present. Pls put it in basement under the stairs. Thx. Sorry nothing exciting.

April 7, 2010 6:24 PM

Update: I returned home eleven days later. The box was on the sofa.


Rox said...

I left Kay (15) overnight and texting kept me sane. When she texted me in the morning "I'M ALLLIIIIVVVVE!" I about died laughing.

Ur-spo said...

nothing can go wrong, don't worry about me I shall be fine.

oh oh words if ever I have heard any!