June 24, 2010

This Is A Post

So much going on, but the muse has abandoned me. So this is a report just to keep you informed.

I attended my second Pride, and this one was three times bigger than last year's. Even with high temps and muggy humidity, the throng swelled and filled the new venue. I sat at the booth for our AIDS support center, selling water bottles to raise funds for our food pantry. We surpassed our goal and made enough to stock the pantry for a week. Pretty cool to see a lot of straight couples wandering through all the booths, and my favorite sight was seeing a knot of six junior-high boys, out and proud, laughing and gaping at the fabulousness. Now THAT'S a sign of progress.

Later the same week, I manned the booth for a company health fair. One of many tables under a tent, most employees came by to sign up for our raffle (restaurant certificates), but some still glanced sideways at us and wouldn't get closer than six feet.

I write this from St. Louis, where I'm staying with my nephew at a hospital during the day when his parents are working. He is in traction, preparing for surgery on his hip on Monday. The traction was a last-minute call by his doctor, so my brother asked if I could help them out. They already are taking all of next week off to be with him post-surgery. The little guy (age seven) has a hip injury that refuses to heal properly. Without the surgery he would have a permanent limp and eventual arthritis. This on a kid who is a natural athlete. He's good at everything. Of course he won't stop moving, which exacerbated his injury. I'm really hoping this surgery is the repair that ends it. "Tony Hawk: Underground" keeps him occupied.

[This picture has been pulled due to an extraordinary amount of traffic on this post which I cannot otherwise explain.]

At some down time this evening, I went for a walk from my brother's house. He is smack next door to Grant's Farm where all the Budweiser Clydesdales are raised. I took pictures that I will download sometime later. No hardware here. This one is from my BlackBerry (as are the two above).

I'm grateful for the flexibility in my job that lets me take off on a moment's notice and help out. I'll be back home on Saturday and ready for church on Sunday.

I have finished two books that require some time to digest before reviewing:

Leaving Church: A Memoir of Faith by Barbara Brown Taylor

and The Velvet Rage: Overcoming the Pain of Growing Up Gay in a Straight Man's World by Dr. Alan Downs.

Very different subjects, but each of them tells the story of coming to terms with the essence of self. I highly recommend both of them and would love to hear from anyone who's also read them.

I really can't explain why I'm stuck and unable to post anything more meaningful right now. I'm commenting and wishing I could say more. It will return. I'll let you know when.


Ur-spo said...

I will ask the Muses to send you an e-mail.

Brian R said...

Glad the Pride stall was successful and prayers for your nephew

Cubby said...

We attended both the Dayton Pride and the Columbus Pride this year. I looked up the Indy Pride and found that it was weeks ago. It must be one of the first ones in the country. I'm glad your Pride this year was very successful.

Rox said...

Ah the ebb and flow of the Blogging Muse, such a fickle beast.

Wow, I'm poetic this morning!

I can't wait to see the pics! I love a long country road with overhanging trees, it's the most romantic thing in the world to me.

the hobbit said...

You know how I feel. Take all the time you need. I certainly do!

David said...

I just have time to check in with the muses. I have a backlog of posts and no time to post them.

Nephew looks very sweet. Hope all goes well.

bigislandjeepguy said...

i dunno, i am happy to read whatever you post. doesn't have to be some deep meaning thing; even life updates rock!

Doorman-Priest said...

Not a bad post for a girl who's lost her muse.

Word verification is "pinkies". Ahhh!

tornwordo said...

This is a comment.