February 9, 2011

Overheard: Sanibel

Sheba and I were driving on Sanibel Island today and noticed that a lot of the streets are named for shells. We approached an intersection.

Sheba: "I don't care if it is a shell, that's just wrong."

Me: "What? Tarpon Bay?"

Sheba: "Oh! I thought it said 'Tampon Bay.' I should probably put on my glasses."

(I know I've gone from Santa Fe to Sanibel, but there was Albuquerque and Ft. Lauderdale in between. I'll post about those shortly.)


Ur-spo said...

We are new White trush park, which I continually see as 'white trash park;

the hobbit said...

Anything to get out of the snow, I say!

rox said...

Tampon Bay...LOL!