February 13, 2011

Unconventional Meeting

I almost forgot to tell you about my flight from New Mexico to Florida. I have no idea how long it took or what landmarks we crossed, because I was engrossed in conversation with my fellow seat-mate from before we took off.

It all started with a question about the pin I was wearing on my sweater. The organization Believe Out Loud has a logo that is very intriguing, and I've started wearing it in the hopes people will ask me about it. My strategy has proven to work.

It was a find-your-own-seat airline, and I saw a window seat in row 6. I asked the man sitting in the aisle seat if I could pass him to sit down. He stood and apparently saw my pin as I took my seat. Less than five minutes passed before he asked, "I couldn't help but notice your pin. Can you tell me about it?" I told him that Believe Out Loud is an ecumenical group that encourages supportive Christians to speak up as allies in order to drown out the ugly invective being spewed by the religious right. And we were off to the races.

I learned that David is a training executive for a national bank firm and a partnered Jewish man who lives in San Diego and Palm Springs. We talked until we parted ways at the airport—about the harm done by people in the name of religion, about our relationships and those we've lost, and about aging parents. I've never had such a compelling exchange with a stranger on a plane before. He encouraged me and we traded business cards. He offered to fly to Indy to address my church in whatever way might be helpful in our growth toward affirmation.

Our meeting was just the thing I needed after my disappointment in our convention's lack of LGBT support. It is uncanny the doors that open for me as I move along in my journey of advocacy. I can't wait to see what happens next.


THIS IS ME....ONLINE said...

It may have been "unconventional" meeting, but you and I both know it was "intentional". :)

Cubby said...

That's a great story about David.

tornwordo said...

Wow, just goes to show you that we walk among you. Everywhere. I wish I was as good an advocate as you are. Well, my blog kinda is in a way. Peace!

Brian R said...

You have a gift, which I have experienced, of being so approachable that I am not surprised but still thankful that you have such exchanges.

Blobby said...

Gay Jews. We're just great, aren't we?

Cool story. ...and no offense, I normally avoid conversations w/people on planes. Isn't that why Steve Jobs made the iPod?

I mean, I thought for sure that was the rationale..... :)

Ur-spo said...

I love fateful stories like this. It seems Heaven constantly shows us ways we were not wanting or looking for.

rox said...

You are a force, girl.