July 4, 2008

Five Things Meme

Well, it’s been an incredible couple of days in the Idaho desert. (Temperature Thursday: 106°.) I finally make it back to civilization only to find I’ve got homework: I’ve been tagged by alto with my first-ever meme: the Five Things Meme. Okay, I’m game.

1. What were you doing five years ago?

In 2003, I had just finished writing a five-year curriculum for a new kind of Sunday School for which there was no published work at the time (the Rotation Model). It was the reason I was hired; and having finished, I set to work rewriting the first couple of years’ worth. I celebrated my 50th birthday in October with a trip to NYC and a return to eating chocolate after a 22-year fast. I fell in love with New York—doesn’t everyone?—and my first bite of chocolate was dessert at the Tavern on the Green.

2. Five Things On My To Do List For Today:

1. Finish the next chapter of Amazing Grace
2. Read my favorite blogs and respond intelligently (That second part takes time.)
3. Make four phone calls related to treatment camp and continued aftercare plans
4. Visit the Birds of Prey center in Boise
5. Put away the computer and be present for my family

3. Five Favorite Snacks:

1. May I list chocolate five times? No? Okay, fine.
2. Barbecue chips
3. Hummus on rice crackers
4. Bananas
5. Peanut butter on graham crackers

4. Five Things I Would Do If I Was A Billionaire:

I really thought about this and realized that I would do pretty much what I’m doing now, only with more zeroes behind it. Basically, I’m pretty content.

1. Quit work so I could go to seminary full time
2. Give just enough but not too much to family members
3. Be a silent benefactor for individuals in need, especially AIDS patients
4. Contribute to organizations which promote equality, peaceful cooperation, and children in need
5. Get a decent but not ridiculous home theater system, a convertible, and a place on Siesta Key

5. Five Bad Habits:

1. Escaping into the lovely world of the Internet, where I can reach the entire world of opinion, information, and expression
2. Letting introversion prevent me from reaching out more
3. Reading, reading, reading...instead of cooking, cleaning, etc.
4. Allowing my weaknesses to prevent me from growing
5. Jumping to conclusions

6. Five Places I Have Lived:

1. Sarasota, Florida
2. Tampa, Florida (USF)
3. Presque Isle, Maine for several summers
4. Indianapolis, Indiana
5. ??? (After being gone for 28 years, I miss Sarasota. I want to go home.)

7. Five Jobs I Have Held:

1. McDonald’s crew member (paid for first year of college)
2. Newspaper proofreader, a position which no longer exists. Can you tell?
3. Secondary English teacher
4. Corporate sales trainer
5. Sunday School director

8. Five Favorite Items Of Clothing:

1. Blue jeans, which I’d wear every day of the year if I could
2. White tee shirt, the other half of my “uniform”
3. Birkenstocks, if I have to wear shoes
4. Khaki jumpsuit (over 20 years old, easily the most comfortable thing I own)
5. My Roots Olympic jacket from Canada, a gift to David Letterman which he donated to our church bazaar

1 comment:

alto said...

I always like these quiz things, asthey often shows some strange commonalities one initially may not suspect. For instance, who would have known we'd be twins in the clothing department?

Though I really liked this one "Contribute to organizations which promote equality, peaceful cooperation, and children in need" Very similar to the PEN literacy project that I referenced.

Thanks for doing this by the way!