July 12, 2008

Baby Steps

The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA has voted to revise the language of the Heidelberg Catechism—a series of questions and answers that describe the principles of faith—to its original language, removing the phrase “homosexual perversion” from a list of sinful behaviors. The phrase was inserted by a translator in 1962.

In a 54/46% decision, the General Assembly also approved changing the language of ordination requirements to end discrimination and allow equality for GLBT Presbyterians.

These are two of many steps the church is taking in order to embrace members of the GLBT community, culminating in ordination for those who are called to ministry. However slowly, this is progress.


Java said...

This is GREAT news! I am Presbyterian at heart, with a bit of Episcopalian tossed in for good measure. I'm really glad to hear the Pres. USA denomination is making such progress.

Before we were cleansed of our homophobia we attended a Presbyterian PCA church. Very conservative, "reformed" denomination. This action by the USA church is the reason the PCA exists.

Bill said...

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing that news.

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

I'm glad that the Presbyterians have made that revision. My partner had a couple of bad experiences in that denomination when the minister gave anti-gay rant sermons on two occasions. It took Doug over 15 years to start going to church again (Episcopalian this time).

My own path has gone from Christian to Wiccan. If the dreaded YHVH hates me because of who I love, then I say: there are other gods than him. The Goddess loves all of creation: male, female, gay, straight. It's nice to feel loved when I pray.