July 28, 2008

A Major Award

Well, I’ve been hit. Not by a weapon but by an award! Greg over at Midnight Garden has seen fit to give me this honor, and I’m kinda stunned.

This, from a guy whose blog is a pastoral retreat each day, giving me lessons in nature, peace, music, laughter and beauty. Tough act to follow, so I won’t try. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my brief tenure online it’s that each of us has his own voice. Add mine to the crowd that enjoys and celebrates Midnight Garden’s generous gifts. Thank you, Greg.


lostlandscape said...

Congrats to a fellow-winner! I'm glad Greg turned me on to your blog. Looking forward to reading more.

Greg said...

LOVE the lamp!!!

Patricia said...

I followed a link about the former fiasco that everyone was talking about (and I was [happily] clueless about) and found your post about forgiveness and understanding and love. I had only been in the story 5 minutes, but your post was exactly what was needed.

Clearly this award is much deserved. And I'm glad I found your blog; your voice is worth hearing.

somewhere joe said...

I'm sure that leg lamp could double as a weapon!

As for the Brillante Weblog citation, it couldn't happen to a brillianter blogger. Congratulations dear Bird.

Anonymous said...

You are brillante! E premio! Brava diva!