December 27, 2008

Photo Album

I'm in St. Louis, visiting family and having some wonderful down time. Because I still don't have a permanent boss to whom I can hand over complete responsibility, I found myself once again in charge of the Christmas Eve service for young families: six weeks of preparation for twenty minutes of memories that young children just love. We had 50 cast members this year (angels, sheep, shepherds and "main" cast) who slowly created a tableau for about 900 people this year. Exhilarating and exhausting. 

Now that I have a few moments of quiet time, I present to you some photos from my album. I have some friends with whom I walk every week during good weather. When that came to an end, we celebrated our collective fitness by having a Night of Chocolate. There was salad around there somewhere, but here is the important food. I highly recommend an event such as this.

When I was driving Ben to school a couple of weeks ago, an airborne river of starlings was pouring across the sky. There had to be thousands of birds in this flock, a few of which perched briefly on a tree. The picture is marginal due to the fact that I was also driving in traffic in the rain at the time, but hey. There is not one leaf on this tree.

Ben's girlfriend invited me (Yes!) to dinner with her dad and grampa. I needed to bring some wine as a host gift. While I didn't select the ones pictured below—ask yourself why—I had to show you what's on the rack. Note which one was selling and which was staying on the shelf.

Ben didn't want to help decorate the Christmas tree, but he eventually succumbed to the Christmas spirit and festively decorated the front entry. Abe, being the humbug he is, quietly took it down. Ben quietly put it back up a few hours later. Abe took it down again. I think it took three tries before Ben gave up. (This is one of the skills he learned in the desert.)

This is the mystery gift I gave my sister. If I can find the one she gave me, I'll put it up too. It took her only eight yes/no questions to guess what it is. Can you?


Ur-spo said...

It is a set of indvidual carrot cookers- to keep them warm until supper time.

MartininBroda said...

2 torches (part of), to give the dark evil some bad memories (of burning).

zelda1 said...

I duuno, looks like two nose extendors for those who want to snorkel but cannot afford the gear?

Roxrocks said...

Kite string?

A night of chocolate sounds awesome!

Birdie said...

Here's a hint: it's functional, lightweight and crinkly.

Bandana Jack said...

looks like something i used to see used make sushi.

David said...

I like Ben's sense of humor, but I'd be leery if we were having guests over.

Mystery gift: I have no idea.

Word verification: cries

THIS IS ME....ONLINE said...

I was thinking some kind of thread....and then you said crinkly. Maybe a phyllo dough? Not sure why you would give that, but it would be different. I really haven't a clue.

Gotta love those rehab crafts! I suggest he try red and green rope next year. How's Ben doing?

Greg said...

Ease up on Ben - he's got reasonable instincts. It just needs a little more garland for glitter and some mistletoe!

Holiday Desserts!! Hip Hip! HOO-ray!! Hip hip...oh. Never mind.

Damn, tho, chocolate.

Happy New Year, dear Birdie!

Patrick said...

That starling tree is incredible! I got a couple of shots of a flock of starlings in Indiana, but nothing that spectacular.

I was going to guess the gift was ear candles, but your description belied that.

So, how was the monogamy wine?

word verification: frackin. Seriously.