August 27, 2009

Checking In

I'd hoped to have something clever or funny or profound for you, and this is all I've got. But I'm still alive.

I have been on the annual staff retreat in which we discussed building up each other, the congregation, and the faith. It was a good time for us together and one of the few times in which I really feel a part of the staff. I'm part time and tucked away from main offices—the joke is "phantom staff"—so it was good to learn more about each other. The retreat was in the wooded hills of southern Indiana, the part of the state that is really beautiful. Stars were out in the clear sky. No cars in the distance, no TV. A moment's peace in a hectic schedule.

We wrapped up with a tour of churches in Columbus, IN, a city that is famous for its diverse and stunning architecture. I've got pictures but no backup explanations for what we saw. Maybe I can get a post out of that yet.

Back in the office, I'm getting ten days' work done in the shortened week, preparing to go to NC again on Monday to drive my parents back to Florida. Short trip this time: just a few hours in NC before we leave, but I get a couple of days in FL to unwind before returning to a busy fall calendar at work.

September begins the busy season at church, culminating in early January. My new boss, an associate pastor, seems to be really well-suited for this job, and I like her. She's going to be good for the church and the children.

Things are going so well with our family, but I hesitate to say it out loud. So many people are not doing well, economically and personally. Let us lift up each other wherever and whenever possible.


Brian R said...

Glad you are doing so well. I was intrigued to look at the atlas to see how much driving you are doing, please drive safely. I had forgotten I have been to Indiana (well I was in a train from Kalamazoo to Chicago in 1999 and was excited to be passing though Gary, Indiana - The Music Man :-)) You have inspired my next post.

Rox said...

It's funny how we always feel like we're about to invite chaos when we say we are doing well.

I'm glad things are going well for you and yours!

tornwordo said...

Yay for things going well. Easy to exercise the gratitude muscle that way. Have a fun road trip.

THIS IS ME....ONLINE said...

My always encouraging friend.....You are one travelling girl. So happy that things are currently on a good note.

Patrick said...

It's funny how belief in the evil eye (that if we speak of our good fortune, we jinx it) is such a hard one to shake. But you all have worked hard to get where you are. No reason not to acknowledge your gratitude for the present state of things (I'm still knocking on wood for you :-) )

Birdie said...

Rox and Patrick, my reluctance to mention my good circumstances comes from the fear of sounding boastful. I don't want anyone feeling worse from hearing how great things are for us right now. I'm simply and profoundly grateful.