August 29, 2009


I went to a funeral this afternoon. It was for the father of a good friend. He was in his 80’s and had been in good health until a recent diagnosis of cancer that came swiftly.

During the service a few family members came up to speak about memories. Every one of their recollections was about how Dad/Granddad had made them feel loved. Only the pastor mentioned his accomplishments, which were admirable.

As often happens to people in their middle years, I have begun to assess the time I have left, should I be lucky enough to follow my mother’s lead. I’m going to turn 56 this fall. That gives me maybe ten years of influence, then another ten years or so of activity. Only twenty years to accomplish whatever I wish to achieve. The previous twenty years have flown by.

Whatever achievements I manage, the people that are important to me will remember only the things I did that made them feel loved. That’s the real wake-up call. Will they look back and believe the love I know I have for them? What visible evidence am I providing?

When time comes to an end, all that is left is love. May I be aware daily of the true legacy to leave.


Rox said...

I've also been thinking about this lately, with my mom's impending death. I've been reflecting on what kind of mother she has been to me and how I will remember her. Then I think about how I want my kids to remember me. It's completely eye and heart opening.

Greg said...

Deep thoughts. Thanks for sharing, B.

Ur-spo said...

there is a lyric to a song I know that says the only measure of our worth is the love we leave behind when we are gone.

Patrick said...

Yes. I've been thinking much the same thing, as you know. The little voice in my head that says I've done nothing of worth yet, and am squandering the time I have left still pipes up pretty regularly, but I'm getting better at putting things in perspective.