August 9, 2009

Today On Bilerico: What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid?

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Jeaux said...

Interesting question, Birdie. After thinking about this it seems there are few self-imposed restraints, that aren’t guided by ordinary prudence, on my freedom. I found my career, and started indulging the demands of my heart, early in life. The fear factor in the things that tempt my daring-do (bungee jumping over the colorado river, etc.) is part of the appeal of those things.

If I ask myself, however, where do I lack courage, I get somewhat more interesting results. There have been times when I wish, in retrospect, that I had trusted my innate faith instead of my learned caution. But that’s the tension, isn’t it. Knowing the difference between exercising faith, and indulging recklessness. It’s an ever present challenge. One hopes that as we grow in wisdom, and skilled in discernment, the challenge becomes easier. In many ways, and circumstances, it does. But new circumstances, or new twists on old ones, always seem to rise up to meet and challenge our complacency, and test our faith.

Anonymous said...

Birdie, this is an absolutely heaven sent post (at Bilerico project). I tweeted your post there on Twitter and called you the str8 ally of the day! Thank you friend!
BTW... You are hereby awarded The Bridge Builder Award.