September 26, 2010

Dear IRS

An actual letter sent by a wonderful friend of mine (whose name I've obscured), who's just had enough. Click to embiggen.

He enclosed a check for $5.00. I love this man.

Update: I gained permission from the author to post it on Bilerico. It's up.


Jess said...

Love it. My compliments to the author! But I hope he doesn't actually pay late. The IRS always gets their pound of flesh and then some. Not worth screwing with them, no matter how valid the point.

Yet another second-class citizen

Cubby said...


rox said...

High five to your friend! They are going to audit him's just how the damn government works. He should pay the tax bill in pennies. C.O.D.

Blobby said...

This has always been my thought too. And while the IRS isn't totally to blame for my lack of rights, my guess is, if enough of us did this, they might push it higher to the Treasury and all the other branches of govt that are affected by no income coming their way.

Butterfly Mage said...

I often say this: we GLBT citizens pay top-dollar taxes for cut-rate civil rights. Even in states that recognize same-sex marriage, we get the shaft from the Federal government.

the hobbit said...

Hey birdie! I'm glad you liked it enough to post it.

RE: audit. I'm a good kid. They can audit me. And it gives me a good reason to try and take this to the Supreme Court. Because it's unconstitutional. And wrong.

Try it, Aunt Samantha.

Bridge Journey said...

Love it!! I wish we all had the freedom of speech to tell the IRS what we think about their taxation w/o representation! ;)