January 15, 2009

Did You Know?

That, even though I cheerfully volunteered for Rox’s alphabet meme, after one week I can only come up with ONE item I love that begins with “D?” (Dire Straits.) Sorry, Rox.

That if you have read PostSecret every Sunday for the past year or so, you’ve read my secret? (No, I’m not telling which.)

That a research scientist on staff with the FDA begs on a personal blog for readers to pleasefortheloveofGod DON’T eat anything containing Sorbitol? No reasons were forthcoming, but it’s reason enough for me to avoid it. You will commonly find Sorbitol in candy and gum.

That the larger apparent size of the full moon at the horizon is an optical illusion? Hold your arm out and raise your thumb to block out the moon when it’s low. Later that night, go out and do it again when the moon is high. You’ll see that the moon is obscured by your thumb (which covers approximately ½ of a degree of sky) in both instances. Even knowing this, I still think the moon looks larger on the horizon.

That the phrase “did you know” is copyrighted by Disney? Don’t mess with The Mouse. If something happens to this post, you’ll kno


Roxrocks said...

What about Diamonds? Dogs? Denim? Dialing your best friends' phone number without looking at the keys? LOL!

I love PostSecret and seeing this just made me realize that I haven't added that link to my new laptop and I've missed the new updates for months! DAMN! (another D word!)

Christopher said...

No "D"s? Not even dogs?! :-( Not even...errr...Duluth, Minnesota?!?

Birdie said...

Okay, yes: dogs. I love dogs. Blame the cold for my clue-free state.

Ur-spo said...

Indeed - the Mouse is everywhere and does not like to be annoyed.
Goofy and minions are absolute gangsters.

Greg said...

No daylilies, daisies or dianthus?

SIGH. I've failed you.