January 28, 2009

A Weather Event

That's what the weather people are calling this snowfall.The favorite cry seems to be "24 hours of snow!" We've got eleven inches on the ground with six more hours of snowfall expected. Just about everything is closed, not that it would matter: the snow plows have not found our neighborhood yet. I'm not going anywhere. My kingdom for a Diet Coke.

Update: Twelve and a half inches here, the sixth largest one-day snowfall in central Indiana history. I've just come in from three hours of bonding over snow shovels with my son. My neighbor had run out of gas for her snow blower, so we finished half the drive to let her take our car to the station. She is finishing our drive in return. And! She brought me back a Diet Coke. With crushed ice. Life is good.


Greg said...

The Diet Coke would just rot your teeth anyway, dear. Hopefully you have some hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps handy, instead.

Stay warm!

Heather said...

I think I'll keep the ice and slop and quit complaining about it. It really could be worse!

Hang in there!

heather said...

I had to listen to the Penis song quick. That made me laugh. ;)

Doug said...

Didn't you just shovel crushed ice for 3 hours? And you wanted more? Hehe.

Weather events can be scary. I prefer food events and drink events. I just finished my evening food event. It was yummy. It's been a while since I had a drink event.

Brian R said...

I do not know which is worse.
Some headlines here in Australia
"Melbourne temperatures have topped 44 degrees and some Victorian towns have broken the 45-degree mark as the state suffers its second day of heatwave conditions."
"Paramedics were called to 30 cases of heat exposure and 56 collapses in Melbourne between midnight and 2pm today."
"Australia's south-east is still enduring a massive heatwave, with Adelaide reaching 45.5 degrees Celsius early this afternoon.

"That is the hottest day we've recorded here in over 70 years and in fact the third hottest on record in Adelaide,"

"The only two times that it's been hotter were both back in 1939, 46.1C on the 12th of January and 45.9C on the 10th of January."
FYI 45'C is 113'F

tornwordo said...

A weather event is a bit redundant. Weather climax sounds better to me. We got the big dump too. Our snow blower broke again so it's shovel shovel shovel here.

Jeaux said...

Cold weather, what I remember of it, always made me thirsty! Diet Coke is delicious, but I like sugar.

Wouldn't it be weird if snowflakes came down in little blue tissue paper cutouts... you could get rid of them with a leaf blower.

Ur-spo said...

you can send some of that snow this way; i would appreciate it.

bigislandjeepguy said...

hmmmm. if i were really cruel, i would comment on the fact that while you were shoveling snow, i was wearing shorts and a tank top and enjoying the beautiful hawai'i sunshine.

paybacks for all those mai tais you want to drink while i am putting in flooring.

be safe!

evilganome said...

You get my sympathy. We've had a lot of snow so far here in the east with more on the way.

Just be careful on the ice. Trust me, be careful on the ice.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

The one I liked the best was the last big big big snow storm we had and the weather stations were calling it snowmageddon.