January 7, 2009

License And Registration, Please

I hit a car today. It wasn't bad as accidents go: no one was hurt and both cars only need cosmetic surgery; the man in the other vehicle was a gentleman about the whole thing; and the officer didn't give me a ticket. The first and last time I did this was thirty years ago. I can wait another thirty for the next one.

I was on my way downtown on the highway. It was snowing over a thin layer of patchy ice. I was doing just fine but traffic was getting slow in my lane. I turned to look over my right shoulder for a lane change, apparently at the same time traffic suddenly slowed down in my lane. I turned back around, hit the brakes and slid. BOOM! I was probably going about 35 mph.

My fifteen-year-old Bonneville nailed his not-so-old Dodge Ram truck. Fenders bent. My grill and headlight broke. That's all. My muscle car is solid. His truck is pretty good. We're both unhurt. Yesterday, my insurance agent called to see if we wanted to drop collision from our policy on this car. I said I would talk to Abe about it first. Abe said yes but I hadn't called it in yet. Life is good.

The Bonneville was supposed to be Ben's birthday present last year. If you've been following my blog, you know why he doesn't have it. I'm supposed to be driving Abe's car now, but his brand new company car literally went up in flames on the ship in the middle of the Pacific. He'll get another in April. Then I will get his minivan, which I will promptly sell because I am not nor will I ever be a willing owner of a minivan. I managed to raise two kids without one; no way am I getting one now.

And here I've been wondering what to blog about.


David said...

Yikes, glad you are OK.

And kudos on the plans to dispose of the minivan. Blech.

the hobbit said...

Thank the Lord you're alright!

RE: Minivan. Gross. "I managed to raise two kids without one; no way am I getting one now."


Patricia said...

I'm glad everyone is well, but gosh, what a hassle!

I really do hate driving in winter.

Roxrocks said...

I'm glad you are okay! Stupid ice, I hate it!

Since I hit the bridge, I've been missing my minivan. I'm not kidding. And I never thought I'd ever hear myself say it either.

Patrick said...

I'm glad everyone is okay, and the repercussions were as minor as they seem to be. You're very good at seeing the glass half-full. Yes, one minor fender-bender every thirty years sounds like plenty.

bigislandjeepguy said...

add me into the "glad you are ok's".

those four words suck: "license and registration, please."

Java said...

Sounds like a pretty easy mess, as messes go. Glad for that.

I have said for years that I will not drive a minivan. I'm not secure enough in my masculinity to be able to drive a minivan. However, our full size van's transmission is about to blow, and it costs a bazillion dollars a year to put fuel in the damned thing. Superman has wanted to trade it in for a minivan for a couple of years, and I've protested. I admitted to him just last week that if we MUST, I am willing to do that. If that happens, I think I'll just drive my truck.

evilganome said...

Glad to hear you're okay. Still, things like that are just scary and leave you shaken for days after.

I actually liked minivans back when they really were mini. Now they are just humungous.

Anyhoo, I'm glad you're okay. That's the important part.

Greg said...

Sorry to hear about the mishap, but glad you came through it well. I suppose every 30 years is enough to keep you an attentive driver...and the fringe benefits now seem nice.

Christopher said...

Oh no!! I'm glad you're ok...and luckily your car wasn't brand spanking new. But still, it's definitely something to shake you up. Hugs from Ohio! :-)