July 12, 2009

Overheard: Guacamole

My husband Abe recently spent some time in southern California. He was enjoying the homemade feast his hostess had made. In case this conversation doesn't make it clear, she is a native Californian. She's sweet and brilliant, but living in California has its drawbacks.

Abe: "This is amazing guacamole!"

Hostess: "Do they have guacamole in Indiana?"


Ur-spo said...

The answer is No they do not.
They don't have a decent cup of tea either.

Rox said...

Heh heh. She may be shocked to know they have it here in Canerdia too!

Jeaux said...

Toof unny! "Did you get Northern Exposure in Florida?"

Patrick said...

I hope Abe pronounced it 'GWAK a mol' for the rest of the evening. Those of us from the 'fly-over zone' get used to questions like this on the coasts. I frequently get condolences from people for having grown up in the midwest. Another friend of mine had someone ask her "is Indiana a real place?"

Josh Indiana said...

We have guacamole in Indiana, all right. We buy our avocadoes from Mexico.