July 17, 2009

Overheard: Teaching Moment

Abe was channel surfing earlier today and stopped on a sports channel. He realized in an instant he had a teaching moment at hand and bid me to look at the TV. A hurdles race was about to begin at a track meet.

“See those women, how they’re setting up for the start? That’s how I want you to be, waiting for when you hear my call."

“I see. Coiled and ready to spring into action when you want me.”


The starting pistol rang out. “Birdie!” He demonstrated his call and pointed to the leader of the race.

“The one in front, that’s you.”

“Nothing gets in my way to reach you when you call me.”

“That’s right. That's how to be a good wife. Well, that’s all for now.”

I love my husband. He’s always thinking of me.


bigislandjeepguy said...

i'm surprised you didn't clock him...in the head :)

Birdie said...

You should see the rise he gets when he does this stuff around other women. Perhaps I should point out that he is the one who most often makes dinner, does the laundry and vacuums. He really is a wonderful man.

Jeaux said...

Midlife wisdom - so inspiring! Thanks, Abe. I'll be trying this out on Bobby soon. Maybe I can get him to start calling me 'coach.'

Rox said...

Every relationship has it's balance and it seems you have found yours.

Why are husbands such smartasses though? LOL

Ur-spo said...

he was serious?

A good line to remember is from Noel Coward...
"Well darling, you go on thinking that if it comforts you."

Bill said...

That's flat-out hilarious!

Run like the wind, Birdie!

THIS IS ME....ONLINE said...

Did you wake him up from his dream?

tornwordo said...

I would have howled with derisive laughter. But that's just me. Cute story.

Greg said...