July 28, 2009


The computer tool bar says it's Tuesday, so it must be true. But I'm on vacation and days, dates and time have no meaning.

I've been in Sarasota, let's see, two days now. I'm here to see friends and family and to drive my parents to the NC mountains on their annual trek to escape the heat. Let me show you around a bit.

The rains have been good for west coast Florida. It's been a long time since our yard was this lush. These are views from the driveway, of the parking apron and through the porte cochere to the neighbor's back yard. Live oaks are part of wild Florida that make outdoor cathedrals with their long branches.

Monday I met up with a dear friend whom I usually see once a year. We have mastered the occasion by cutting to the chase and talking about the important things first, then winding down the hours to the minor but interesting topics. Yesterday we visited for seven hours.

We started our afternoon at Lido Beach, a long stretch of undeveloped beach. Parts are roped off to protect nesting sites. Neither of us knew what this flock of birds is; I don't know if they're migratory or possibly invasive. So many species are showing up where they never have before.

We had dinner at the Dry Dock on the bay side. These two shots were taken at the same time, one toward the city across the bay and the other north to the end of the key. Manatees lolled in the water just offshore.

This is the light and life of home for me, in spite of living landlocked in the Midwest for more than two decades. It's where I want to retire, but Abe isn't so sure. I'm really going to miss him.


A Lewis said...

I'll stick with Abe. I may be able to try the west coast of Florida, maybe, but I don't think it'd work for me. Florida is not my kind of place, I'm afraid.

David said...

The yard looks very inviting.

I live on an island but feel mostly land-locked myself. Still, the Atlantic shore is only a one-hour ferry ride away.

Rox said...

I'd love to be by the sea...

Congrats on the new gig!

I'm days behind but slowly catching up. Enjoy your holiday!