July 19, 2009

Today On Bilerico

The Bilerico Project is a national blog which hosts dozens of contributors who offer opinion on matters related to the LGBT community. I have enjoyed reading and commenting there for a couple of years now. I am thrilled that I was asked to contribute a guest column, which will be posted sometime today. (It's called "What On Earth Am I Doing Here?") Go pay a visit to Bilerico and its offshoots in DC, Florida, and Indiana and check out some fascinating and provocative writing.

It's up. Those of you who've been here a while will find it familiar. You can read it here.


Brian R said...

Very good article and some interesting comments. I often wonder why I still have my faith despite the continual onslaughts from the Christian church. I do not blame my many gay friends who have rejected any faith. I can only thank God and the fact that unlike for one of the commenters my family has been supportive. Keep up the good work especially among the many Christians who are not anti-gay but do not seem to understand the damage being done. Even though the battle seems slow and tough, when I look back over my life I am amazed at how far we have come.

Java said...

I tried to comment on Bilerico, but I'm not sure if it "took."

'Twas a good article. You ruffled some feathers! Thanks for standing up and speaking out.

Robert said...

Thanks Betty. It was so great to read your article AND seeing a photo of you!!!! I absolutely loved it!!

Recently I saw the movies Jesus Camp and For The Bible Tell Me So... Have you seen any of the two? The latter is quite a powerful movie.

Have a great day Betty.

Patrick said...

Great article, my friend. Unsurprisingly you open yourself up to a being THE VOICE OF ALL EVIL DONE BY CHRISTIANITY for others, but you handle it gracefully. That's one of the things that is most frustrating when dealing with hot topics; other people will tell you what your views are, then explain why those views are wrong/hateful/damaging... and you are left having to refute premise itself. It's exhausting, isn't it? Fortunately many more actually read what you say, and understand how you are truly standing up in your own community.