September 14, 2009

Walk This Way

Apparently I walk too fast.

I went to a movie recently with my neighbor Dee. ("Time Traveler's Wife:" total chick flick, not my normal fare. But I got to see Eric Bana naked.) Dee came running up beside me as we walked from the parking lot to the theatre.

Me: Oh, I'm sorry. Am I going too fast again?

Dee: No problem! I can just jog next to you.

This is an email from another friend to the gang about our walking date:

Looks like it'll be another gorgeous day to walk. Last week it was just Birdie and myself, and I managed to keep up with her by wearing my roller blades!

Okay, fine. I walk fast. So sue me. I don't know why, but it just about kills me to stroll. It takes a concentrated effort to slow down. On the plus side, I've got a strong heart and strong legs. Won't you join me up here at the front?


A Lewis said...

I'm right there with you -- at the front. I frequently leave people in the dust.

David said...

I wonder if we'd be neck and neck or whether you'd still have to keep up with me.

bigislandjeepguy said...

i always thought i had a pretty fast pace, until i started my current job. to keep up with my boss' speed, i have to literally run. RUN, forrest, RUN.

she moved here from the mainland and wonders about everyone's pace here on the island. when she gave me my 90 day review, i swear i only heard every third word because i was too busy watching her lips, wondering how they could possibly move that fast and still make coherent sentences.

Ur-spo said...

You should move to Ann Arbor Michigan.
everybody walks there as fast as they can, so you would not be left behind. hohoho

tornwordo said...

I'm like that too, I have to make a big effort to slow down.