November 20, 2009


We all have that list in our heads and hearts, that list of things we want to do "someday.” When does someday come? The idea was brought to a head for me by a friend a couple of years ago. We were chatting about this and that and the conversation led to piloting an airplane. I exclaimed that I’d always wanted to learn how to fly. Then I began to blame circumstances for why I couldn’t do it.

My friend stopped my litany. He owns a plane (actually, two). He offered free use of his small passenger plane whenever I wanted to use it for lessons. Just like that.

Well. I was stunned. Then the reality of his offer began to take my mind where it hadn’t gone until then. I pictured myself in the cockpit. (Cool.) I pictured the hours and dedication it would take to get my license. (Okay.) I pictured the day I got my license. What next? (Uh oh.) I have no plane. It would be cheaper to take an airline than to rent one’s own plane. Reality check.

Okay, so that’s a dream and not a goal. (Still, it would be cool to fly a plane.) But what on my list is realistic?

For years since high school, I’ve wanted to get back to scuba diving. I did it only for a year in high school and only because I had a friend who owned equipment that I could borrow. Once I started going to college, all my pennies went to books and tuition. Then on a teacher’s salary, diving became a pipe dream. The years flew by.

I loved scuba diving. It is the closest I’ll get to flying without wings (because I do not have a death wish for cliff diving in a squirrel suit). It is so beautiful, drifting by the seascape, hovering here and there, exploring the ocean floor or river bottom.

It was another friend who brought this dream back to life for me. She and “the girls” go to Cozumel every year for a dive trip. On the cusp of her departure last summer, she invited me to get recertified and join them next year. That sparked the pictures in my head again.

This time, I pictured myself taking the lessons (no problem), buying basic gear (okay), renting the pricey gear (yep), and going on dive trips. Cozumel may be out of my price range, but Florida isn’t. Score.

I started my lessons last Wednesday. Due to holidays, we won’t meet every Wednesday; but I will finish up the first week in January. I could take my final open water test—two dives—in a cold and murky quarry. In January. In Indiana. OR I could do what a lot of people do and go someplace warm (with boat drinks!) to finish the course. I’ll be heading to Florida in February for my annual trip home, so I’ll be going to the Keys once again.

“Someday” is here for this item on my list. What’s next? And what’s on your list?

I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.


Java said...

Fantastic! Congratulations!
One of the things on my list was to drive a truck. A big truck. I weighed my options and opportunities, and went to bus-driver training. I drove a school bus for 3.5 years, and that's close enough to a truck to satisfy my desires.

I always wanted to go back to school. What am I doing now? I'm in school!

Since before I met my husband I've dreamed of adopting children. Almost 12 years ago that's what we did. Then we adopted another one a year later. These children are now wracked with a severe case of adolescence, and these days I question our wisdom, but I'm not sorry we adopted them. I hope to survive their adolescence and come out on the other side, once again glad that we adopted.

Thank you, Birdie, for reminding me that I actually have realized so many of my dreams. In the day-to-day struggles I lose that perspective.

tornwordo said...

Cool! I don't think I have that list. That bucket list thing. Mostly I just want to see new places. Next up is Boston, a new place for me.

Ur-spo said...

Most people have a good intuition of what they need or want to do. as soon as the heart discloses it - usually immediately to mind rushes in with some BS rationale about why it shouldn't be done etc.
please pay attention to your heart and do not neglect it

Rox said...

I'm not super adventurous either, so I'm with Torn, I'd just like to see places. Paris being the place I'd like to see the most. Someday. After these darn kids stop taking all our money for their education...

Your scuba picture is the cutest thing ever!

Patrick said...

This wonderfully encapsulates things I've been struggling with for years, that came to a head with my brother's death in June. I'm still pretty foggy on the specifics of my 'someday' list (and that is no doubt a subject for some interesting debate), but recognizing that someday is NOW, while not a new thought, is still one that I have to relearn regularly.
Oh, and re: you comment at Java's: my mom was in her 40s before she ever got a room of her own, but it made a huge difference. I'd bump that up your 'someday' list, if I were you.